Teaching Your Kids to Savor the Early Days

Teaching Your Kids to Savor the Early Days

We’ve all heard the stories, and we’ve even profiled some of them on our Biz Kid$ TV series:

Teenager Sells App to Yahoo for $70 Million

Facebook CEO is youngest Self-Made Billionaire

True Tales of Overnight Millionaires

The headlines are so frequent, and the stories so captivating, that it’s easy for an aspiring tycoon to be underwhelmed by their $100 sales week or local paper exposé. After all, they've worked hard. They’ve taken action on an idea that they think could be worth millions. They’ve done everything you’ve heard of those overnight successes doing. But here they are, selling products one by one out of their bedroom. There they are, sacrificing your weekends in exchange for just a handful of modest spending money. What am I doing wrong, they ask themselves.

So what are they doing wrong? Probably nothing. In fact, they’re probably doing exactly what they need to do.

There weren’t any news stories decades ago about Bill Gates’s hours spent learning to code in school (although there are plenty now.) But those hours set Gates up for his success today.

Warren Buffett got his start selling eggs to neighbors as a kid for just pennies in profit. Only when he turned those pennies into eventual billions did people take notice.

Ralph Lauren began his fashion empire by selling neckties on Wall Street, one by one.

And The Beatles allegedly spent thousands of hours practicing their craft in no-charge concerts for bar patrons before striking it big.

So what is your child doing wrong? Well, if they're okay with following in the footsteps of billionaires, culture-shapers, and tech mavens, nothing.

So tell them to stop worrying, and keep pressing on. Enjoy these days of small beginnings. Who knows: perhaps someone will write about them in thirty years.

Want to know what you can do to set your child up for success? Check out our special episode, “Secrets to Success” to find out!

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