Saving Gets a Modern Makeover

Saving Gets a Modern Makeover

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” The concept of saving is as old as money itself, as is the human resistance to it. Spending is oh so satisfying in the moment, and oh so regretful as we load the bag of discarded things into our trunk for yet another thrift store donation. Though the concept of saving is nothing new, a slew of modern tools, strategies, and gizmos are making saving a bit more fun (and successful). Here are a few of our favorites.



A fabulous first step for the preschooler in your life, the Moonjar bank makes the “spend, save, give” strategy visual and attractive. Simple, colorful, and effective. 


PiggyBot App

The piggy bank now has a digital twin. Similar to the Moonjar model, PiggyBot tracks goals and calculates a save/spend/share breakdown. A clean user interface makes it perfect for young kids.



Mom and dad: you’re the bankers now. FamZoo is a digital banking and chore tracking system that includes the entire family in the money management process, allowing for easy transferring between family members. It even includes prepaid cards and an online portal, just like a real bank. The perfect practice run for your preteen.


How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000

Sometimes we don’t necessarily need a new gadget, but a fresh mindset regarding saving. Our bestselling money book for kids explains the power of compound interest in a manner that’s fun, colorful, and inspiring. It’s a fresh and modern take on age-old wisdom.


Biz Kid$ Interactive Money Course

If your child isn’t one to pick up a book, our online course may be the tool you’re looking for. We’ve supplemented the concepts found in book with video from our Emmy Award-winning series. The course is loaded with colorful visuals, hilarious video content, and inspiring stories. Plus, kids set their own pace and complete each section on their own timeline.

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Emmy Award-Winning Video Content

That time between school and homework doesn’t have to be mindless. Rather than veg out, encourage your child to get rich. Say what?! Our Emmy Award-winning television series, Biz Kid$, uses real young entrepreneurs and sketch comedy to teach concepts of money and business. Have savings on your mind? We have an entire episode dedicated to just that.

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A Million’s the New Benjamin.