The Teachers Shaping Our Financial Futures

The Teachers Shaping Our Financial Futures

Their investment rises before the sun and rests long after it, and their impact doesn’t know a single “off” week or month. This week, teachers are being rightly honored with a week of celebration and appreciation. Boy, do they deserve it.

At Biz Kid$, we’ve had the privilege of supporting the efforts of educators worldwide with engaging content that makes teaching financial literacy a touch easier — and a lot more fun. We’re proud of the tools and resources our team has created over the last ten-plus years, but we’re even more proud of the teachers who’ve run with them. Let’s take a look at some of the impressive things they’re doing with Biz Kid$ video and resources.

When the gifted program at Hazelwood School District needed a break from their demanding projects, one savvy teacher used the Dollar-a-Glass Game to allow everyone to get refreshed with a glass of (digital) lemonade. 

Oklahoma Centennial Middle-High School threw a college and career fair with the help of Biz Kid$ content and an army of future-focused teachers and volunteers. 

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The National Credit Union Foundation empowered 1000 students with backpacks filled with Biz Kid$ videos and materials.  


Christa Devitt of Raleigh's Cathedral School took this snapshot of her students watching Biz Kid$ clips on their laptops.

The San Diego County Credit Union stepped up to the plate as well, purchasing materials for local teachers to use in teaching their students the importance of financial literacy.


The University of Oklahoma's business plan competition was inspired by Biz Kid$ but is sure to have impact well into adulthood. 

If you’re like us, glancing at the impact these teachers are having on their students’ financial futures is downright inspiring. That’s why we’ve created a library of resources just for teachers.

Are you a teacher looking for financial literacy lesson plans? Our collection—mapped to state and national standards—is FREE!

Are you a business person looking to lend a helping hand to a local teacher? Use our Community Toolkit to deliver financial literacy concepts without reinventing the wheel. 

Need a simple activity for a last minute sub? Our Emmy-winning video content isn’t just a time filler. It could be life-changing!

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